Baby Boy and Family

This Fall has been extremely busy with my kids — school, sports, activities, etc.  Things have picked up in my Etsy shop too.  So to preserve my sanity, I’ve been cutting back on photo shoots.  But I just can’t resist a newborn shoot — no matter how busy life gets.  They are just too precious to pass up.  So here is a gorgeous baby boy and his gorgeous family 🙂

This is Baby’s big sister in their amazing front yard.  It’s a photographer’s paradise.  No grass at all, just flowers, and flowers, and more flowers.

And here’s our first glimpse of Baby.  Just his sweet little mouth and a darling hand peeking out of his swaddling.

Some day, in another life, I will look this good in photos.  Isn’t she stunning?

This has to be my favorite shot.  Look at that smile!  He looks so peaceful.

Again, stunning.

I love them.

Thank you for letting me spend this time with you in your home!

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