Best face from 2012

The contest theme at I Heart Faces is “Best Face from 2012.”  I have so many that I love from last year, both clients and my own family.  But when I came across this one of my baby I knew it would be my entry.  I love the face, and the memory.

Photo Challenge Submission

5 thoughts on “Best face from 2012

  1. Anonymous says:

    That is the best picture ever! I have a few rarities like this of my boys when they were younger. It just captures their whole persona in one flash, and you immediately know how awesome that kid is.

  2. Anita Johnson says:

    This is a great photo, not only because it is technically great, but it captured the moment too. A winner in my book! Thanks for visiting my blog…you do beautiful work here, your newborn pictures are lovely!

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