Big smile

This sitting was a quick supplement to our first newborn sitting. Dad had to get to work so we just didn’t get finished. No problem, I was happy to have them back. I’m always happy to spend time with a newborn. And look at this! I was so excited when I was shooting this pose and the little guy broke out into a big smile.

IMG_7359 web

This was also my last sitting in my home studio.  My kids are getting older and it was time to give them a space to congregate (and be noisy) away from mom and dad.  So the loft space that was my studio is the kids’ new domain.  I’m sad to let it go, but it will be fun for them.

No worries though!  I’ve simply converted to “portable studio” mode.  Everything I have can be easily transported to your home.  If you’re wondering how portable studio pics turn out, or you’re worried that you wouldn’t have the space to accommodate a portable studio, check out this first birthday shoot.  The whole thing was done in their driveway!

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