A Magical Frozen Themed Party

Once upon a time, very recently, this little princess turned 4, and her mom threw her a pretty amazing birthday party.  There was a princess beauty parlor for hair, nails, makeup, and face painting.  There was a photo shoot for each little girl (by yours truly); tutu's and sparkly snowflake tee shirts; a stunning birthday … Continue reading A Magical Frozen Themed Party


Pin this and comment back for an additional 5% off HOLY COW!!  I can't believe it but IT'S TRUE!  My humble little Etsy shop has had its 1000th sale!!!  It was this:(I love reptile parties!  Shout out to Scales and Tails Utah!)I am so honored and so happy!  To celebrate, I'm going to do a sale. … Continue reading Celebration!

Free Halloween Printables Round-Up

My house is cold and I've plugged in my electric blanket, so naturally I've started to think about Halloween.  I'm craving the pumpkin patch, the cool air, and the fun decorations.  So today I've put together a collection of free printables from around the web (ha).  I love the creativity in these designs.  And just … Continue reading Free Halloween Printables Round-Up

My favorite photographer

I recently did a little shoot at the Draper Temple -- yeah, the one I was cranky about in my previous post.  In spite of the irritation, I actually had a lot of fun.  I owe it all to my second shooter:This little guy was great to have along.  That's four years of awesome standing … Continue reading My favorite photographer

Will you think less of me if I rant?

Today I'm going to indulge myself in a rant.  While I would never use my blog to criticize another photographer's work, I feel pretty ok about criticizing their bad manners.  Fellow photogs, I know that most of you understand this because it's just common sense, but the presence of a bride does not exempt you … Continue reading Will you think less of me if I rant?

A Reptile Birthday Party

We threw a reptile birthday party for our oldest son a couple of years ago.  Scales and Tails of Utah came over, filled my house with snakes and lizards, and gave us a fantastic show.  That was the beginning of my reptile party printables -- the first of which was this invitation:I love these.  I'm … Continue reading A Reptile Birthday Party

Baby Boy and Family

This Fall has been extremely busy with my kids -- school, sports, activities, etc.  Things have picked up in my Etsy shop too.  So to preserve my sanity, I've been cutting back on photo shoots.  But I just can't resist a newborn shoot -- no matter how busy life gets.  They are just too precious … Continue reading Baby Boy and Family