Sorry it took so long!

I had hoped to have these up sooner but it’s been a crazy week. These kids have been over a few times now and I just love them. When they left, this cute little guy gave me a hug goodbye. It was so sweet.

Yes, I know his eyes are closed but I love that picture, it’s the sweetest hug.


Who doesn’t enjoy conversation hearts?


I’ve never seen a child do this to a cake. It was so funny:

Cake carnage.
Yup, there’s cake down there too.

Busy baby, come back soon!

One thought on “Sorry it took so long!

  1. Carrie says:

    That's what Katie did to her first birthday cake. She picked the whole thing up and tried to eat it like it was a giant cookie.These pictures are beautiful, as always. The colors are so gorgeous!

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