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Baby Boy and Family

This Fall has been extremely busy with my kids — school, sports, activities, etc.  Things have picked up in my Etsy shop too.  So to preserve my sanity, I’ve been cutting back on photo shoots.  But I just can’t resist a newborn shoot — no matter how busy life gets.  They are just too precious […]

Newborn/product shoot

What could be better than a product shoot featuring overwhelmingly cute baby products AND and gorgeous new baby? Nothing.  Nothing could possibly be better. We let her have her binky.  It seemed only fair.  She was such an angel. Thank you for sharing your baby with us Momma.  And thank you Nadia’s Place and Polka […]

Product Shoot

Sometimes I get to hang out with my friends and call it “work.”  I love shooting product for the talented women behind Nadia’s Place, Polka Dots and Posies, and their joint venture A Tisket a Tasket. I have to start with the baby bunny because she is overwhelmingly precious: And here are some fruits and […]

Babies in their natural habitat

I felt like the Jane Goodall of children’s photographers — observing and documenting their behavior in their natural environment.  Truthfully, I don’t know much about Jane, but I’m pretty sure that as she crouched in the bushes, she acted less like an ape than I did during this shoot.  Anything for a smile 🙂 At […]

Busy December

A few weeks ago I posted some photos of a very handsome newborn, then the next day we took the kids to Disneyland for a week.  Then there was the whole Christmas season and all of the Christmasing it requires, and time got away from me.  So here I am, finally ready to post a […]

Now I have to have another baby

Just look at this baby: He’s so serene.  He’s perfect.  I loved spending my morning with him. Once he went to sleep, we could move him around every which way and he didn’t even stir.  Don’t you love that pucker?! The only drawback to a morning like this, is that it makes me want another […]