The boys

Sometimes the perfect group shot is just not in the cards. We tried. We bribed, we told jokes, we acted silly, but it just was not to be. We had three issues to overcome: 1. My oldest has forgotten how to smile naturally. He kind of makes a scary face instead. 2. My middle child was in a world of his own and was not inclined to take direction — even when the only direction was, “look at me.” 3. My youngest was supposed to be in bed so he was a little on the cranky side.

I knew we didn’t get “the shot,” but I was hoping for something passable. When I saw this one I laughed. It is not a perfect shot of three smiling children. But it is a perfect shot of my children on this day. It will forever make me smile and remember them just as they were — warts and all. And I will absolutely be putting it on my mantle.

“We’re dangerous kids. Dangerous kids where skeleton shoes.” — says the middle child as he shows me how tough he is.


5 thoughts on “The boys

  1. Melinda says:

    The skull shoes are from The Children's Place. I got the shorts there too. They have a skull and crossbones embroidered on one of the front pockets so my dangerous boys love wearing those too.

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