The Twins

I promised more of beautiful Nadia, but I didn’t mention her twin sisters!  Here is the last post from this marathon photo shoot in which we did first birthday pics of the twins, third birthday pics of Nadia, and product shots for Nadia’s Place and Polka Dots and Posies.  It was A LOT of pictures!

IMG_2394 web IMG_3165 web IMG_3185 web IMG_2622 web IMG_2519 web nadia

These girls have another beautiful sister too, so we had her hop in for a few cake pictures. She was also a very good assistant during the shoot. She did a lot of running around and also colored some backgrounds for some of the toys. Thanks Katie!
IMG_3263 web

2 thoughts on “The Twins

  1. Melinda says:

    Thank you so much. They really are darling, aren't they? That's actually big sis — there's a pretty big age gap. She didn't plan on being in the pics but I love that about it. Her shirt makes me laugh.

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