Thanksgiving was Perfect!

I don't know why, but the first thing I thought of when I saw this photo of my youngest was the Sasquatch photo. But really, what a fun day for a storm! Especially because we had nowhere to go. Our Thanksgiving started with a family breakfast, and then home to the best snowstorm we've had … Continue reading Thanksgiving was Perfect!

My Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving is almost here and I'm just now thinking about the grocery list -- and getting hungry! Everyone has their favorite go-to recipes, so I thought I'd share mine (and please share yours in the comments if you'd like).But first, a throwback to the cutest little baker around:This little guy loved making Pillsbury Crescent Rolls. … Continue reading My Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes

Memorable Holiday Kids Tables

Are you ready to start planning your holidays? I've got the kids table covered! My coloring table runners are always a hit. The best thing about them is their magical ability to keep kids entertained for a long, leisurely meal -- but adults love them too! This is a fantastic multi-generational activity that puts everyone at … Continue reading Memorable Holiday Kids Tables

Get Sharpie off of White Quartz Counters

If you looked this up because you have a disaster on your hands, I feel your pain.  Don't worry, there's an easy solution. (This isn't a sponsored post)First, a quick story:  Twelve years ago we built our home, with the 3/4" red birch hardwood floors of my dreams.  Not long after that, our two and three year-old … Continue reading Get Sharpie off of White Quartz Counters

Kids + Weddings don’t have to = Stress

Here's the dealYour wedding isn't about the kids, but the kids can certainly ruin your wedding.  As a mom, I can't emphasize this enough:  PARENTS WILL LOVE YOU if you give their kids something to do.   I speak from experience.  As a mom of three wildish boys, an invitation to a family wedding is exciting, but … Continue reading Kids + Weddings don’t have to = Stress

Gorgeous Tropical Flamingo Party

Have you noticed this adorable trend?  Tropical Flamingo parties are this year's favorite theme!  It's festive, versatile, and brings all the good feels of Summer vacation.  I love it for pool parties, birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers... pretty much anything.   Doesn't it just scream "SUMMER?"  Everything here (except the table runner) is available as a printable … Continue reading Gorgeous Tropical Flamingo Party