Groovy “Tie Dye” Treat Cup Wraps

Groovy Hippie coloring table runner set with tie dye cups filled with crayons

It’s time for another free download! If you’re planning a 60’s themed party with one of my Groovy Hippie coloring table runners, now you can complete the look with fun tie dye crayon cups. So here’s the secret: these are 8oz white paper snack cups, available in most party sections. I’ve covered them with printable […]

Road Trip to Denver

Beautiful I-70 through Vail Pass, Colorado

The Trip: 21 hour roundtrip drive to Denver and back The Vehicle: Subaru, Impreza Co-pilot: Will, my 13 yo   I had an adventure! I’ve been dying to write about it for almost a month now but, no time. Today I’m making time because this road trip was insane. It started with a massive order […]

Easy Gift Wrap Calculator

gift wrap calculator graphic

No more guessing with this easy gift wrap calculator! Personalized wrapping paper is always a pleaser. Kids especially LOVE to see their name on things (admit it, you hunted through every souvenir shop display to see if they had a mug or keychain with your name on it…and the right spelling! Melinda’s were so dissed.). […]

It’s Pie Day and There’s Water Everywhere!

Don't cry over spilled milk

Into every life a little rain must fall, and a few pipes must leak. It’s messy. I had a fun, far from original idea for a blog post today. I’ll bet you can’t guess it… I was going to bake pies. Because it’s Pie Day! Or is it Pi Day? It’s silly and made up, […]

Free Holiday Printables from Me to You

buffalo check holiday door sign

We’ve done most of our shopping online for years. This year more than ever, we’re doing our best to shop from home. The only concern is porch pirates. Delivery people don’t usually knock or ring the bell, so sometimes my packages sit out all day — even when I’m home. I have nothing but love […]

Adapting the Holidays to 2020

family at holiday lights

This year is all about adapting to change, and the holidays are no exception. Even so, I find that I’m as anxious for the season as I was when I was a kid. Bring on Thanksgiving! I’m SO ready to have a family holiday. A taste of “normal.” I think we’re all craving a little […]

It’s a sunshine day!

rocky the borderdoodle

Look at that cute face!   I’ve been fighting a funk lately. Something to do with absolutely everything being flipped on it’s head by a virus, my husband losing his job, and my abject failure as a homeschool mom. I stood in the social distancing line at Costco the other day and just about cried. […]

Lazy Ball

Today’s response to quarantine was the invention of a great new game: Lazy Ball. As with all truly great inventions, Lazy Ball was the product of laying around, doing nothing. The inception story will no doubt be legend. It happened like this: I was laying on the couch. The boy was laying burrito-like in blankets […]

So you stress-bought baby chickens

I’m not judging. Initially I was judging, but only because all of the stress buying made it harder for me to stress buy MY baby chickens. I’m totally chill now. We bought our first flock, which have all passed on to chicken heaven, when the kids were little. We didn’t plan to buy another flock […]