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Road Trip to Denver

Beautiful I-70 through Vail Pass, Colorado

The Trip: 21 hour roundtrip drive to Denver and back The Vehicle: Subaru, Impreza Co-pilot: Will, my 13 yo   I had an adventure! I’ve been dying to write about it for almost a month now but, no time. Today I’m making time because this road trip was insane. It started with a massive order […]

Easy Gift Wrap Calculator

gift wrap calculator graphic

No more guessing with this easy gift wrap calculator! Personalized wrapping paper is always a pleaser. Kids especially LOVE to see their name on things (admit it, you hunted through every souvenir shop display to see if they had a mug or keychain with your name on it…and the right spelling! Melinda’s were so dissed.). […]

So you stress-bought baby chickens

I’m not judging. Initially I was judging, but only because all of the stress buying made it harder for me to stress buy MY baby chickens. I’m totally chill now. We bought our first flock, which have all passed on to chicken heaven, when the kids were little. We didn’t plan to buy another flock […]

Successes and Failures

  Fin and Gill say, “Hi.” *     *    *    *    * Today’s success: We have milk! And Diet Coke!!! (It’s valuable currency in this family, don’t judge.) I managed to get most of my groceries (with a lot of substitutions and a few “better luck next times”). Isn’t that crazy? I […]

Let’s Talk Resolutions

It’s the time of the year to save big on a gym membership! I do have a goal to get more fit, but I won’t be joining a gym this time around. I’d also like to sleep better and make dinner more often, but I probably won’t do those either. There’s just one goal I’m […]

Thanksgiving was Perfect!

I don’t know why, but the first thing I thought of when I saw this photo of my youngest was the Sasquatch photo. But really, what a fun day for a storm! Especially because we had nowhere to go. Our Thanksgiving started with a family breakfast, and then home to the best snowstorm we’ve had […]