Lazy Ball

Today’s response to quarantine was the invention of a great new game: Lazy Ball.

As with all truly great inventions, Lazy Ball was the product of laying around, doing nothing. The inception story will no doubt be legend. It happened like this:

I was laying on the couch. The boy was laying burrito-like in blankets on the floor. There happened to be a basketball within my reach.

The object is simple: roll the ball back and forth using the least amount of effort. If the ball rolls out of bounds, the game is over (because: too lazy). There’s no objective.

The first game rolled along like a placid stream until the ball rolled six inches too far to the right. There was a ten minute delay while we waited for someone to happen by and pass the ball back into play.

Thanks Dad!

By the end, my prodigy had so mastered the game that he was using his arms as a ramp — returning the ball with absolutely NO effort.

Then my arm got tired.

And so ended the inaugural game of Lazy Ball.

We’re so unmotivated.


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