It’s a sunshine day!

rocky the borderdoodle

Look at that cute face!


I’ve been fighting a funk lately. Something to do with absolutely everything being flipped on it’s head by a virus, my husband losing his job, and my abject failure as a homeschool mom. I stood in the social distancing line at Costco the other day and just about cried.

The cue, snaking through islands of pallets, was filled with people in homemade masks and latex gloves. We shuffled past a sign stating all of the staples they were sold out of — the same things they’ve been sold out of for over a month. The bemused expressions I saw weeks ago were mostly gone. Most mirrored the heartbreak I feel at the bizarre situation.

I came home in a cranky mood.

So I sat in my favorite chair to sulk over a Diet Coke. But, damn, that was depressing.

I had to do something.

In just one month, our baby girls have outgrown their brooder and needed some space. The weather was beautiful and warm. The coop was prepped and ready. The time was perfect for them to move out.

It was so good to spend some time outside.

month old chickens


The whole family was anxious to help these girls move into their new digs, and the babies were happy to stretch their wings and explore.

Can you believe that in just one month they went from this:

fluffy baby chick


To this:

month old chickens


We’ve also been working hard to get our yard back in shape. I used to have an amazing vegetable garden. I built raised beds and filled them with the best soil. The plants were prolific. I learned how to can things like homemade marinara sauce and apple pie filling, and we ate fresh peas and strawberries whenever we wanted. It was magical. It was the reward for SO MUCH WORK.

Then this furry monster moved in:

And ate all of our sprinklers.

He’s so lucky we love him like we do.

Rocky is one of the puppies on my puppy table runner! He’s a Bordoodle — a cross between a Border Collie and a Standard Poodle. He’s crazy smart, intensely snuggly, and the perfect dog for active boys. If the situation comes to it, we’ll only eat him after the chickens are gone.

I’m kidding, people! The chickens lay eggs so we’d probably eat him first.


I shouldn’t have to say this, but just in case, I’M KIDDING. Where would I even find a recipe?


Today the sun is shining again. It actually feels hot outside! It’s the kind of day that makes you feel like eating a milkshake. So for the first time since all the crazy began, I took the kids out for a treat. I missed listening to them bicker in the car. And it’s weird, but my heart soared when I saw that Sonic was busy. The line made me smile.

The world truly is upside down, but today it feels beautiful and I’m ready to hold onto that.

And thankfully Rocky puppy only ate a little bit of our apple tree, so we have these sweet blossoms.

apple blossoms
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