Adapting the Holidays to 2020

family at holiday lights

This year is all about adapting to change, and the holidays are no exception. Even so, I find that I’m as anxious for the season as I was when I was a kid.

Bring on Thanksgiving! I’m SO ready to have a family holiday. A taste of “normal.” I think we’re all craving a little comfort. The idea of my home decked out, the fireplace lit, and delicious smells wafting from the kitchen makes me feel cozy deep down in my soul.

I’ve noticed that homey, simpler decor is trending this year. I’ve saved some great inspiration on my Pinterest boards: “Thanksgiving Ideas, Recipes, and Decor,” “Christmas Recipes, Ideas, and Decorations,” and “Christmas Trees.” And if you’re REALLY craving something cozy, my Hot Chocolate Recipes board will keep you warm all season.

As for Thanksgiving, I’m making this year about the kids. When they’re happy, I’m happy. My plans are centered around creating an atmosphere of peace, making opportunities for quality time together, and of course delicious food.

Welcoming Peace

For me, this means focusing on keeping the house clean. With everyone home all the time, it’s so easy for dishes and clutter to pile up. It always surprises me just how relieved I feel when the mess is cleaned up — never having realized how much it was bringing me down.

We’re also looking for things to be grateful for. There’s always something. My youngest has an especially hard time finding the silver lining, so this is a skill we practice throughout the year. This year I’m especially thankful to still have my parents with me, even if I can’t be with them in person.

Quality Time

Our biggest initiative this year has been “Family Movie Night.” We’ve watched a movie or tv show together almost every night since March. We’re running out!

On nice days, we try to get outside. We’re lucky to live near the Wasatch Mountains. There are thousands of hiking trails to explore!

nebo loop with haze

And I’m letting my youngest teach me to play chess while his brothers make fun of me. I’m really terrible.

Delicious Food

I’m sticking with tried and true recipes this year. All of my favorites are HERE.

We won’t have a kid’s table, but I love this place card idea from Darcy Miller Designs:

cornucopia place cards for kids

Wouldn’t these be adorable with a small box of crayons and some fun stickers? My boys are teens now but we’ll still be using one of my coloring table runners. Our gathering is going to be a little smaller, but I’m grateful to spend it with my husband and three sons.

We usually spend our holiday at one or the other grandparents’ house. This year we’ll have a Zoom call. It’s not the same, no, but isn’t technology beautiful?! When we can’t hug our loved ones, at least we can see them and share a meal across any distance.

How are you adapting your plans? I would love to hear from you in the comments.


PS, This is the last week to order your Thanksgiving coloring table runner!

Personalized Thanksgiving coloring table runner

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