Yearly Archives: 2011

Busy December

A few weeks ago I posted some photos of a very handsome newborn, then the next day we took the kids to Disneyland for a week.  Then there was the whole Christmas season and all of the Christmasing it requires, and time got away from me.  So here I am, finally ready to post a […]

Now I have to have another baby

Just look at this baby: He’s so serene.  He’s perfect.  I loved spending my morning with him. Once he went to sleep, we could move him around every which way and he didn’t even stir.  Don’t you love that pucker?! The only drawback to a morning like this, is that it makes me want another […]

Christmas is coming!

We had a lovely Thanksgiving and it just now occurred to me that I forgot to take a picture of my turkey.  Rest assured, it looked like a cooked turkey, but if you need a visual, it looked a little bit like this: It’s a loose interpretation. Anyway, now that Thanksgiving has passed, it’s […]

An amazing experience

It’s hard to express how I felt when my brother-in-law and his wife asked me to photograph the birth of their son.  I was so honored to witness their first moments together.  I took their photographs through teary eyes.  They have generously allowed me to share some of their photos here. Thank you again guys, […]

The Twins

I promised more of beautiful Nadia, but I didn’t mention her twin sisters!  Here is the last post from this marathon photo shoot in which we did first birthday pics of the twins, third birthday pics of Nadia, and product shots for Nadia’s Place and Polka Dots and Posies.  It was A LOT of pictures! […]

A few more from Nadia’s Place

Meet Nadia: Is she gorgeous or what?! She’s modeling a hat and apron from Polka Dots and Posies. Nadia’s mom and I go waaaaay back.  She, Nadia’s mom, has an Etsy shop called Nadia’s Place, where she sells her hand-made toys: Aren’t they cute?!  I’ll post more of our beautiful Nadia later, I just couldn’t […]